Posted on Aug 28, 2020

McKenzie Mortuary Services

About 12 years ago I lost my mother and both grandmothers all within 21 months of each-other. All three of these women could not be any more different, but as different as they all were they all had one thing in common. The common thread was their humor and laughter and that they easily could laugh at themselves when needed or make friends or family members laugh. I have built my practice on being direct with grieving families upfront about costs. No salesmanship, nothing artificial, and very transparent. Using my unique humor has helped thousands of people when they were just broken. One of the best moments in my career was when a Lady came into the Mortuary. She wanted her husband of 70 years to be cremated, simple no services. While we were signing documents my grandmothers “voice” or
“ energy“ came into my head so I ran with it. I said to the wife ”Your wedding ring looks so much like my grandmas." The wife put the pen down that she had been using and began to twist and twirl and show off the ring. She explained all the different meanings the ring had, numbers of years married, how many kids and etc. I responded with “If my grandmother was sitting here she would say something like,”...You must have been good in at least one of the rooms in your home , mine was the kitchen!” " The woman laughed and slapped her knee.
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