Posted on Aug 14, 2020

McKenzie Mortuary Services

Just before the covid pandemic, I had met with a little lady at the Mortuary. She had walked into the lobby without an appointment after she had lost her husband of 61 years, just an hour prior. Though she was physically shaken, she was bubbly and you could tell in her hay day was a real looker. She was a bit flirtatious batting eyes etc, to the point that her four adult children looked embarrassed yet used to her unique and silly personality. We talked and it was decided her husband wanted to be buried at the national cemetery. I left the office and went back to my work area and drew up all the VA documents. Once I returned back to the family, I sat back down next to the wife. She scooted her chair over a bit near me, I’m assuming to ensure she could see and hear clearly. She then scooted the chair closer and then closer and then on the fourth “scoot” I said, “You were married 61 years, correct?" She answered “Yes!" I looked at my wrist like I had a watch on, and said “You have been widowed what 61 minutes, ...

“Back the chair up lady”!

She and her entire family roared with laughter. She took my hand while wiping tears from her face from laughing instead of crying and said “I needed that”
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