Posted on Aug 7, 2020

McKenzie Mortuary Services

Enjoy this story from Ken:
When I created the men of mortuary's calendar more than a decade ago, I never imagined the following it would create. The idea was to find attractive funeral directors across the US. “This was harder than I thought!” Once I rounded up the models and the calendar was shot it began to gain momentum within the news, world tv shows, talk shows, and radio. We were invited by Whoopi Goldberg to do her radio show in New York called “Wake Up with Whoopi” along with front-page articles in New York’s post. So when these men, who were coming across the US from Iowa, Idaho, Maryland, etc, were greeted at venues with a limo (normally WE are driving the limo), I watched a few of the guys change a bit. Just a week prior we were all doing the same profession of helping grieving families and preparing a deceased family member for their final goodbyes. Each network would lead us into a “green room”. There we would find a table with every type of bagel, danish, fresh fruit, and more. The very last “gig” inside edition was the same day we were flying home. I remember this green room as the largest, and one of the funeral directors, let’s call him Kurt from Idaho, asked the “page”. Aren’t there any Crescents”?! The page answers sweetly “No I'm sorry we don’t”. Kurt responded with “Well the WB had Crescents” (in an irritable response).
I spoke up quickly and said, “Kurt, last week you were running death certificates and flowers and handing out Kleenex, you are NOT Cher!"
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