Posted on May 28, 2021

McKenzie Mortuary Services

We had a lady a few months ago that lost her husband of 60 years of marriage. The lady was very sweet, grandmotherly, and very much a lady. She apologized at the introduction that I was not speaking loud enough to her. She spoke very loud and clear, so I adjusted my internal volume, and we had a nice visit planning her husband’s memorial service. During the week of planning, she kept asking “what about the box?!” Now her husband wanted to be cremated with a small memorial service. When she began asking about the “box”, I asked her “do you mean the urn?” “Yes, the box!” Her daughters kept correcting her “Mom, Dad is in an urn”. The wife lets her daughters pick out the “box” (urn) telling the two grown women... you choose for your father.

The morning of the service, the wife asked me to walk her in behind the minister. As we approached the chapel doors, everyone stood up and the wife saw the urn for the first time nestled in flowers and his US burial flag displayed next to it. The wife tugged at my jacket and I lowered my head thinking she wanted to whisper to me something important. In a loud voice, she said, “THAT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL URNIA I HAVE EVER SEEN!” Even the minister could not contain himself with laughter and she asked me what was so funny. In a loud voice, I had to explain what she said and then explain what WAS a “urnia”. One of the best funerals I ever sat in with.

When the wife died a year later, that same story was shared at her funeral.
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