Posted on Jan 25, 2021

McKenzie Mortuary Services

By now, most everyone has seen the local and national news stories that had ran the past few weeks on the death care industry. I was blessed enough to be the funeral home and funeral director for this story. I agreed to do the story in hopes that anyone thinking they do not need a mask would change their mind. The funeral industry has become bottlenecked. If you can find a funeral home that can take on new deaths, formal services will be delayed. I just want you to know you are not being singled out. This week we had to start to turn people away, the emotional toll is mounting with staff and myself. After 34 years and caring for nearing 27,000 families I broke. I sat down to help a family and realized it was the 6th family member lost to COVID in past few months. My usual defense mechanisms to shield myself were depleted and I broke down with the family. This has never happened before.

If these words today save just one life, then it was worth sharing.
Please stay home wear a mask
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