Posted on Aug 21, 2020

McKenzie Mortuary Services

Here's a little bit of information in case you ever wondered about our eyes after we die.

Over the past 35 years, when people find out what I do, many ask some of the same questions over and over and it’s usually about the preparing of the human remains, myths about sewing eyes closed and other rather frank questions. Many times these “questions” come out of people’s mouths as a statement more than a question. Usually, it’s a question about our eyes and I hear something like, “When my uncle died we closed his eyes, but his eyes kept opening back up, So you guys must have to sew them closed”.

Some of us die with eyes open. For some of us, our eyes are closed. If the eyes are open people usually close them, but the tissue/muscles will retract open again. To give a natural look of eye closure we use something called an eye cap. The eye cap looks something like a larger eye contact you would place in your eyes for better vision. These caps are curved to keep the eye in its natural curvature. The cap also has a rough surface to hold the eyelid in the proper position.
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