Posted on Sep 30, 2020

McKenzie Mortuary Services

I was training an apprentice on how to dress and casket a deceased for a viewing. I took my time and explained to my new apprentice exactly what to do. I shared the names of medical tools that we were using and the reasons you would use each one. I explained the wrong and right way to position a deceased in the casket and the proper dressing methods. I wanted to share as much as I could so the next time, he could complete this aspect of the business on his own.

We moved the casket into the chapel and placed it in position. I told him I would vacuum the carpet and gave him instructions to, “Go get the casket spray.”

I finished vacuuming the entire chapel and finally the guy comes zooming into the chapel like he knew he took way too long for this little task. He shouted at me with a rag in hand, “I couldn’t find the casket spray, but I found Windex!”

I think my mouth actually dropped open in disbelief as I took a purposefully long pause and then said.................. "Johnson and Johnson does not make a cleaner just for caskets!”
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