Posted on Sep 17, 2020

McKenzie Mortuary Services

For over three decades, people often ask me the same questions about what a piece of equipment was called that they had observed being used at a funeral they had attended over their lifetime.

Church truck:
This piece of equipment is also known to some areas of the U.S. as a casket bier, or most new apprentices would refer to it as “the thing with wheels”. The “church truck” is the accordion looking set of wheels that opens up to place the casket on and to be able to move the casket from one location to another. Typically you would see this at a large church funeral and the casket is upfront resting on the truck.

Hopefully you learned something new. If you ever have any questions please just let us know!
Head block:
This equipment is used during the preparation period of a deceased. The block holds the head at the proper elevation and position. Once the preparation (embalming) is completed and the deceased is dressed, the blocks purpose is a no longer needed and the pillow in the casket takes the place of the block. Typically these blocks are made of a heavy rubber or plastic material to be sterilized and reused. However, some funeral homes utilize a Styrofoam block that can be disposed of through bio-hazard companies. Typically one would utilize disposable blocks if a funeral home had a surge of cases.
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