Posted on Feb 12, 2021

McKenzie Mortuary Services

Each week I try to post a story of a unique family I meet or a situation that occurs that is humorous in some way. Some weeks I like to share and debunk myths or “rumors” that people think we do. Since January 1, 2021, I can only describe my daily routine as being caught in a continuously moving avalanche trying to keep my head up high enough to get air. Since January 1, when I go to sit with families the words of comfort or appropriate humor that normally come so easily to me is a struggle to find.

Imagine your spouse is sick with COVID and whisked off to the hospital. For months, you cannot be next to them or even next to them when they take their last breath. Imagine, then, you cannot find a funeral home that is NOT overcapacity and your spouse is moved to a storage refrigerator at a county facility until funeral homes are able to physically take on additional families. I have shared before that I have cared for over 25,000 souls in my lifetime. I have always been able to hold the emotions inside and be the “composed” one in the room, I mean that is my job. It is my calling but even a well-seasoned funeral director like myself has never seen and felt so much loss so quickly.
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